O Mary, humble Virgin,
You were raised by our heavenly Father,
the Worker of Miracles,
to be the Mother of His Son and our Mother.

At the marriage feast of Cana, compassion moved you
to prompt the first public miracle of your Son,
the change of water into wine.
Close to Him throughout His life,
You shared His suffering on Calvary
and His joy at the Resurrection.
After your life on earth,
You were taken up, body and soul,
into heavenly glory
and exalted as Queen of the Universe.

O Mary, Our Lady of Miracles,
You are the way that leads to Christ.
You smiled with pity on the paralytic of Mussomeli.
As the loving Patroness of all Mussomelese
throughout the world,
You continue to shower countless favors and blessings.

We beg you, Lady of Miracles,
to take us under your mantle
and obtain for us from your divine Son these graces:
strength in weakness,
comfort in sorrow,
pardon in sin,
peace at all times;
and for our dearly departed, eternal rest.

Following in the footsteps of our ancestors,
we pledge a life of deep faith,
boundless hope and ardent charity,
with heaven as our lasting home
where one day we trust to share your glory.