Every year the Planning Committee of the Mussomelese Society accords special recognition to certain members. The choices are based on faithful membership and particular dedication to its purpose, “to carry on the tradition of our ancestors in honoring Mary, the Mother of God, under the title of Our Lady of Miracles, Patroness of Mussomeli.”  The honorees are acknowledged at the annual festive luncheon following the Mass. Recent Honorees are:

2022 Mr. and Mrs. Francesco Nicastro (Posthumous)
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Mendola

2019  Connie Hessler
Vicky & John McConnell

2018  Ms. Joanne Barba

2017  Michael & Lynn Bonfante
Robert & Suzanne Wells

2016  Mrs. Josephine Licata
Mr. & Mrs. James Arnone

2015 Mr. & Mrs. Carmelo Cancellieri
Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Rizzone

2014 Mrs. & Mrs. Salvatore Giovino

2013 Mrs. Gloria Cordaro
Mrs. Claire Leone

2012 Mr. & Mrs. Giuseppe Cicero
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Lafornara

2011 Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Gennuso
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Leone

2010 Dr. & Mrs. Basil Arnone
Dr. & Mrs. Vincent Arnone

2009 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur (Bonfante) Crawford
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Testa

2008 Mrs. Josephine Cicero
Mr. & Mrs. Carmelo Piparo

2007 Mrs. Carol Spasiano
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Vizzini

2006 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Saladino
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Morreale

2005 75th Anniversary

2004 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent V. Padalino
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rizzone, Jr.

2003 Dr. & Mrs. Albert Menno
Mrs. Clare Gioele

2002 Rev. Charles Amico
Dr. Margaret Pericak Vance

2001 Mr. Joseph Bonfante
Judge John Pericak

2000 Rev. Msgr. Richard S. Amico
Rev. Paul Salemi

1999 Mrs. Rosalia Giovino
Miss Jenny Giovino
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Molea

1998 Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Amico
Mrs. Rose LaMastra

1997 Mrs. Catherine DiLaura
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Ruffino

1996 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Amico
Mr. & Mrs. Angelo LaMonto

1995 Officers of the Planning Committee

1994 Ms. Mary (Mingoia) Cappadonia
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Spoto